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Infancy is a special time for you and your child. It’s filled with a year’s worth of rapid growth and development. It’s not uncommon to see your baby double its birth weight within six months of delivery and triple that amount within the first year…
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A child’s toddler years are among the most exciting years for parents, as you will see the greatest change and growth in your son or daughter. At this stage the most dramatic advances occur in language and interpersonal skills. However, you’ll soon find out that progress is evident in all areas of development including motor, cognitive, and of course physical growth…
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Preschoolers are constantly on the move, exploring their world with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a seemingly endless source of energy. A child’s capacity for learning at this phase is vast and plentiful. You’ll quickly find that preschool children learn and develop from every encounter, relationship, and adventure they stumble upon…
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School Age

ABC Kiddie Kampus’s school age program provides safe and convenient care for your child before and after school, during school breaks, and throughout summer break. Our school age program offers a rich variety of projects and games that build upon established foundations for learning…
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