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Educational Philosophy

A child’s early years are of the utmost importance.

Their minds are like sponges that soak up every bit of information that is presented to them. This is a major reason why our centers strive to present them with information that is equally diverse as well as creative. Our centers create a learning environment that is big, bright and exceptionally inviting. We make the comparison that everyday spent in our classroom is like another brick being added to your child’s foundation for success.

It is our understanding that children come to our centers with many different personal experiences, environmental factors, and in different stages of personal development. As educators of young children, we must recognize and value these differences in our children. While many children follow a general pattern of development, we’re aware of the fact that each child is unique. As a result, we make it a point from day one to understand each child’s individuality and progressively move them forward in the developmental process.

During their time spent at ABC Kiddie Kampus, your children are encouraged to express themselves through verbal communication, written text, colorful pictures, creative play, and through imaginative art. We feel children learn best through manipulating objects in their environment, learning games, and exploring the world around them. It is through group play, role modeling, and through supportive teaching that children grow socially and emotionally. These group activities teach young children how to live, work and play together.

We follow a curriculum that promotes exploration and problem solving, both independently and guided by our qualified staff. These skills enable children to become more independent learners. Over the years our administration has found that children need both independent and teamwork skills in order to prepare themselves for a lifetime of learning.